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You can endlessly look at three things: how the fire burns, how the water flows, and how a beautiful woman goes in for sports. And the most beautiful athletes in the world are always in good physical shape, thanks to a strenuous training regimen.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Russian and foreign beauty athletes. The places in the list are distributed in no particular order. And if you are interested in beautiful athletes, follow the link Beauty Addict

Anastasia Bryzgalova, Russia

Анастасия Брызгалова

This spectacular brunette has repeatedly won gold at the Russian and international curling championships among mixed pairs and mixed teams.

She has thousands of fans both in the stands and on Instagram, but he can only admire Anastasia from afar. Indeed, in 2017, she married a performance partner — Alexander Krushelnitsky.


In 2018, Alexander and Anastasia had to hand over the bronze medals received at the Olympics in Pyeongchang. Meldonium was found in Krushelnitsky’s samples. However, in addition to disappointment, this Olympics brought Bryzgalova not only disappointment, but also immense popularity. She became the face of Russian curling, eclipsing the world vice-champion Anna Sidorova and the European champion Victoria Moiseeva in recognition.

Alexandra Soldatova, Russia

Александра Солдатова – красивая российская спортсменка

Girls doing rhythmic gymnastics are admired for their flexibility and grace of movement. However, Soldatova adds to these two merits a bright appearance and huge talent.

This young 21-year-old has already become a three-time world champion in the team event, as well as a world champion in a ribbon exercise.

Alex Morgan, USA

Алекс Морган

In 2012, Alex was named the best female football player in the United States. In addition to becoming a star player for her team (currently playing for Orlando Pride) and the American national team, the athlete has also become famous for her beauty.

The excellent appearance has helped the football player to conclude a number of advertising agreements with well-known companies such as Nike, Panasonic and Coca-Cola. She is also known as a children’s writer, author of the series of books «The Kicks» about the adventures of four girls-football players. The first book even ranked seventh on The New York Times’ best-selling children’s literature list.


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